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How to feel good with a garment that gives power?

Comment se faire du bien avec un vêtement qui donne du power ?

As a child, I was fascinated by Peau d'Âne, who wore dresses the colors of the sun, the moon or the weather. What weather, beautiful weather, of course! What a great idea, I too wanted to dress in beauty and magic! So for my birthday I asked for a princess costume. It was with this sun-coloured princess dress that I understood that clothing had real power. This dress had the super power to "grow me up" ! With her, I felt taller, prettier and more assertive. To me as a little girl, she was magical.

But in fact, it was nothing extraordinary… We all tested and approved it one day, to dress in a fetish garment to console oneself, to re-narcissize oneself, to heal one's loose little heart, to compensate for a bad day, or giving us wings, does us a world of good! In our worst moments of looseness, or self-esteem, thanks to him, we manage to find a little lightness and comfort. Superheroes are well aware of the super power of a special piece of clothing. Zorro, Superman or Batman are always quick to put on their favorite cape before rushing into the tumult of a world in danger.

Because a garment is not just a piece of fabric to cover up or keep warm, it is also a great "power" ally, a fantastic way to "increase" us, to give us confidence, joy, courage, and support...

The garment would even have an impact on our abilities

If our clothes are a second skin on which our image and our perception of ourselves are expressed, as the writer Henri Michaux said: " Clothing is a self-conception that we wear on ourselves "... it goes way beyond that. Our clothes would also be "amplifiers" of capacities. Very serious studies say that clothing has a direct impact on our thoughts and our self-confidence. Professor Karen Pine from the University of Hertfordshire found that people wearing superhero T-shirts were more confident and considered themselves physically stronger and more likable than people wearing T-shirts. classic shirt. Study that refers to the concept of embodiment, that is to say the way in which our thoughts, our feelings and our behaviors are based on our sensory experiences and on our bodily positions. In short, seemingly nothing, our clothes certainly have more impact than we imagine, certainly, our perfection of ourselves as well as that which others make of us, but also icing on the cake on a whole potential just waiting to be developed!

Clothing, a discreet friend who wishes us well…

Blaise Pascal, great mathematician and philosopher of the 17th century, author of the famous phrase “ The heart has its reasons, which reason does not know”, used his jacket as a portable safe for his little secrets. He wrote notes and thoughts on parchments which he took care to hide in his lining. Funny memorial that he kept very carefully to preserve the memory of something that he always wanted to have present in his eyes, and in his mind, since for more than eight years he took care to sew and unstitch it as he he changed his clothes...

So, I said to myself, if Peau d'Ane could dress in positive energies in the colors of the sun, moon and good weather, and if Blaise Pascal could use his clothing as a discreet guardian of his intimate intentions, why not combine the two to support each other in the success of our personal goals...

From then on, hop, when we would like to gain serenity, self-esteem, joy, inner strength, etc., hop, we would put on the clothes that would make the monk, like a clever little t-shirt with a message hidden inside, visible only by oneself. No need to sew it in a liner like the philosopher, printed on the inside, clever and discreet, it would constantly remind us of our intention (but shhhhhh it's our secret!) and help us stay on course all day, on a positive mindset, the air of nothing ... and there, already, we would have come a good part of the way!

So are you ready to dress in positive emotions to do yourself some good?

By Isalou Regen - July 2021 - Founder of Inside by I

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